I choose Serenity

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When I was growing up, at the ripe age of 4 years old I met a young Puerto Rican girl. Her soft brown skin, long curly jet black hair flowed as she smiled at me and said “Hi, I’m Mya”. Just like that, with the exchange of three words, I found my lifelong best friend. I knew we would be best friends because I was the only kid in the neighborhood without a scooter, and she just gave me hers!

“Have this one” she said.

When I tell you this was my best friend, we were attached to the hip. She always came over my house, we would sit on the ground and play with Barbies until we were called in for dinner, and the street lights turned on.

Growing up, this girl was my right hand, my do or die and what I revolved my life around.

Until 2010, Mya and her family moved far away. Leiden, Netherlands actually.

We lost contact, at only eleven years old I had seemed to forget my best friend. Well years went by and we found each other on Facebook! We were thrilled to finally catch up on lost years and talk about my new neighbors who took her place down the street. Mya had picked up Dutch as a new language, met new people and tried new foods.

Often, I would cry late at night when nobody could hear me. I missed Mya, I missed our laughs and all the things we did together. I begged my parents to send me to Leiden to see her, but they never budged. Until I started working. I busted my ass working long days, long weeks, until i saved up enough money for a plane ticket. I texted Mya so fast I said “IM COMING TO SEE YOU!!”. We both set dates, I punched in my card number to WOW airlines website. I was traveling across the world. Alone.

Upon my jet-lagged arrival, Mya and her family instantly showed me around the city. We sat by the pool, wandered the city of Amsterdam and all of the shops. Biking was our main source of getting around, and let me tell you- I was not prepared! But this photo here- the canals- this was my Serenity. I am no photographer, nor do I have artistic ability, but this view spoke for itself. This day, this view, I found my peace.

Response to Daily Photo Theme: Serene

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