Has the Age of our Era been reversed?

Riots, Protests, Inequality, Racism.

Do any of these words ring a bell to you? Well they might if you remember the 1960’s.

After the election of Donald Trump (not my president), there has much more emphasis on the pressing issue of Racial inequality. Trump has stirred the pot every day since elected into office, which has been empowering our youth today, to speak up. Now wait a second- this is not a bash on Donald.

In 2012 and 2014, we witnessed the protests for Trayvon Martin and the Ferguson riots. These same acts of retaliation against oppression were seen in the mid 60’s as Black Power came to rise among student activists. If we are reliving an era of the past, why are people so surprised when justice is fought for? The same groups which have endured oppression since the day Native American Indians were forced, raped and assimilated off of their land… are STILL fighting for the same rights as the long, soft haired Caucasian race.

Now I’m not going to start going soft here… so here comes the storm.

Parental Discretion is advised: strong language, terms and radical views will be displayed.

The 60’s produced the Civil Rights Act and Voting Act, but there was never any settlement of equality or justice. Not only are we as a society making slower progressive reform than we did decades ago, we are now at a stand still. The United States own President, is playing on the fears of it’s citizens, and polarizing sides. People are now so afraid of the word “liberal” or “equality”, Neo-Nazi’s and white supremacists are back.

Where is the public outcry for these radical thugs? Aren’t they a danger to society? Or are they too white for people to be outraged?

April, 2015. Baltimore Riots broke out after the death of Freddie Gray. President Obama spoke out on the issue calling rioters “thugs and criminals”. But what can you classify as a thug? Is a thug someone trying to prevent their son from being the next one shot, or someone terrorizing a city with a symbol not even the Germans use?

August 2017. The start of the Charlottesville, Virginia white supremacy chaos. The animals who participated in the attacks and deaths of black people were not shunned by Trump, rather than claimed a group of good young men. What motives did bald white men carrying around Swastikas and torches have? What compelled them to cause turmoil in the city, when a white man has never tasted a sliver of oppression?

There will be no justice until the United States takes responsibility for the actions of government. For turning their heads to the systematic oppression, and re segregation of society. With no justice, there will continue to be no peace.

We have jumped into a time machine and reversed ourselves back to the 1960’s- only I am waiting for all of us to grow our hair long, share a bong and find the answers we need.


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